I have several years of experience working with dogs from all walks of life. I live with my husband and dog Jedi in Vuosaari in Helsinki. Jedi is a mixed breed dog we adopted when he was almost a year old.

I make house calls throughout the Uusimaa region, as well as offer online consultations without geographical restrictions. My working languages ​​are Finnish, Swedish, and English.

Each dog is an individual. For a training plan to be effective, it must be tailored to meet the physical and emotional needs of that individual dog. I also try to take the family’s situation into consideration, so that any possible changes are made on the terms of the entire family.

I teach the dog owners to use positive reinforcement and to work on dog’s terms. A large part of what I do is teaching the dog’s family to train their dog positively and effectively. I want to help you develop trust between you and your dog and help set up a framework where you will be able to build a better relationship together.

Experience and education

I received my basic training as a dog consultant at Borgå Folkakademi in 2015. It is a one-year full-time training program. In addition to specializing in dog training, I learned about the dog’s health, genetics, nutrition, history, and ethology. In 2023 I also became a certified animal trainer. I have participated in countless lectures, read literature on dogs and behavioral science, listened to top trainers’ and researchers’ podcasts and webinars.

For the last nine years I have helped dog owners with dog-related challenges. First more randomly, and later, as a full-time job. I have met many satisfied customers along the way. I have experience with the following types of behavior related challenges: reactivity/aggression, separation-related problems, fear, house-training, rescue dogs, re-homed dogs, puppy training and much more.

I constantly train with my own dog. I feel it is important to develop and maintain both our relationship and my own skills. I have also been able to train other animals and I want to continue to do so. Learning never ends and you always come across new things you want to learn more about.

Theoretical education

  • Dog Consultant 2015
  • Eläintenkouluttaja (AT) (Certified animal trainer) 2023
  • Kiva Käsittelijä – cooperative care 2022
  • Solution-oriented work counselor 2012
  • Social educator (YH) 2023

My goals

I want to be a translator between humans and dogs. My goal is to help them understand each other. An ordinary dog ​​owner may think that training and hiring a dog trainer is only for those who work with a particular sport or who want to find specific effects with the dog. I am of a different opinion.

You must be able to live for ten years with your dog, sometimes even longer. If the relationship and communication does not work, a trainer can find ways to repair the relationship. A trainer can also help create a good relationship from the beginning. The owner is given tools to anticipate future challenges and cope with them, while at the same time maintaining a good relationship with the dog. I want to enable a smooth and pleasant everyday life for both the dog and its family.